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More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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and Physical CBD Withdrawals



  • and Physical CBD Withdrawals
  • CBD is Successful as a Treatment for Opioid Withdrawal
  • What is CBD Oil and How Does It Work?
  • There is no definitive reason as to why CBD oil doesn't cause withdrawal symptoms after you decide to stop taking it, but it may be because of. Symptoms of cannabis withdrawal “are much less severe than those associated THC:CBD pharmaceutical, on patients experiencing symptoms of CWS. CBD-rich cannabis should be considered as a first-line treatment for can treat the symptoms of opioid withdrawal: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

    and Physical CBD Withdrawals

    Many articles state that the withdrawal symptoms last a few weeks, but there are folks dealing with these effects for months with no end in sight. Cid — very much agree. Have been through exactly this a few times and going through it now. I had PAWS from quitting for a long time. It has actually been the harder thing for me to quit because it is so much more acceptable but still a fog. I feel like I got over opioid dependency faster, but was not using them nearly as long as cannabis.

    Addiction changes the brain in interesting ways. I am on day 3 of quitting after using concentrates for six months. I suffer from chronic back pain, so I obviously started with Indica strains. Then I discovered high-level strains of Sativa. Sativa hits the brain, not the body. I began working full days, full weeks, and still could continue with the day. It was counter intuitive. Then I made a major breakthrough. There are two sides to pain, the physical and the mental. Pain wears down the brain as well as the body.

    The mind is constantly coping with the pain until the pain because a mental prison. It snaps your head out of the constant misery.

    That simple act works from reducing the pain and allowing more fluid movement during the day, and sleep during the night. Your mind is back to churning out thoughts and commands, and life becomes more palatable. I believe most people do not understand that they are most likely ingesting Indica which I believe becomes so disruptive that it feels addictive. In fact, I have to search for Sativa most of the time. Ingest more Sativa when you feel the need to kick cannabis. The use of Sativa is for the mind.

    The mind has a lot to do with pain, addiction, and on the flipside, having a good time in life. Sativa seems to naturally regulate itself. The only withdrawal symptom is getting more sleep and waking up refreshed. That may be true, but my pain and my brain seem to work in conjunction now, rather than tearing each limb from limb. Because of some bs rules from my doctor I had no choice but to quit using cannabis so I quit cold turkey and the only issue I had to deal with was getting over the habit which took about a couple of weeks.

    Some people need help to get there. Then after that for me if I keep flushing I can pass a test whatever. I believe the sativa thing. If you are wanting to see what it can do, do a wake and bake with sativa and see how u feel and function. Withdrawal is the assumption the subject is addicted to something they are powerless against and is something that is unhealthy and negatively impacts the body.

    Therefore, this is an incompatible analogy and is unhelpful misinformation, that is all! This is what it looks like when prohibitionists infiltrate our industry to scare people with their fear porn agenda. You seem educated, but some of your logic is flawed, and you are wrong. Any medical professional can explain addiction, withdrawal and deficiency to you. So, Ill save that conversation for later.

    I have a degree in nursing, and Ill assume you will argue back, so I still have it ready if you want. You do not have to be addicted mentally dependent to something to show signs of physical dependency.

    If you never drink caffeine or shoot heroin in your life, the very first red bull you have is going to affect your body… even if your mind isnt yet dependent. If you keep drinking them every day, your body will get used to the changes that the caffeine has on your body. Still has nothing to do with your mind yet. Some of them include Increased heart rate, increased thirst, energy spike, then a crash. Doing it for long enough will cause an addiction, and your brain will start literally manifesting the idea that you need another dose.

    That is also not tied to how your body reacts to the substance, but does has a role to play in how your body can react. These body or physical alterations are not tied to any dependency or experience of the mind. These body experiences are the work of the drug on the body. These changes are what cause your body to feel different.

    Mood swings, fatigue, etc. To feel good with the drug and bad without. Ill keep this short. The terms, dependence or addiction are not synonyms and can not be used interchangeably. They quite literally mean different things, both in this context and in the English language.

    I run a delivery service in a legal state delivering meds. From one weed smoker to another, I want to quit because I want a better job that drug tests. Im here researching to see how bad it might get for me, being the type of guy that averages smoking between an 8th and a quarter of bud a day.

    It has nothing to do with trying to scare your industry or make weed seem wrong or bad. I am your industry. I may sell to you! Quit trying to be a martyr. Nobody is persecuting you. Some people wanna stop wasting their time with bud and want to know how that might affect their lives.

    New research shows that one of the biggest hurdles standing in the way of ending marijuana use is withdrawals. Wtf, why every page i go, is happily describing the symptoms with gesture of a stupid doc, i know the f symptoms as they are kicking my ass, give some f advice on how to control this crazy stomach pain, fuseless nerds. Please help I quit smoking marijuana a 14 days ago tomorrow and every day around 2 p.

    I also want to know howhow long this is going to last. Obviously my symptoms are very mild with the exception of the insomnia. I have had zero to little sleep since Tuesday night. It is currently 1: Do you just crash eventually or is it a gradual sort of thing? Did you try melatonin, should I?

    THC causes your brain to release dopamine. When you consume it frequently, this happens more often. When you take it away, your brain wants more. This went on for several months. It took weeks for me to force myself to taper down. The only reason I was able to taper down as much as I have now is because the last gram I got was contaminated and also had a big hair in it. Hitting it triggered my asthma so bad that I coughed and wheezed for literally 3 hours, I contemplated going to the hospital because I felt like my lungs were going to collapse.

    Instead of stopping, I take tiny dabs of it. I cleaned it and put it away so I could try to stop entirely. Again, the epitome of addiction. CBD oil is legally available in all states. Other patients are reporting that kratom, a Southeast Asian herb , is very helpful for easing withdrawal symptoms as well as managing chronic pain. Kratom is widely available on the internet.

    Be very careful about restarting opioids if you have gone through withdrawal. Withdrawal reduces tolerance to the drugs, so patients who have just gone through withdrawal can overdose on a much smaller dose than they used to take. A large percentage of opiate overdose deaths occur in people who have just detoxed.

    Once you have gotten through withdrawal, the problem of how to treat the pain remains. Many patients are surprised that their pain levels without opioids are not as severe as they expected.

    This is due to many factors. Pain is exacerbated when opioids wear off between doses, a phenomenon known as rebound, leading the patient to believe the baseline level of pain without medication is higher than it actually is. Pain is also exacerbated by withdrawal, as already noted. In addition, as the level of opioids introduced into the body is reduced, the body starts producing more of its own natural endogenous opioids.

    And, lastly, some opioid users develop a condition called hyperalgesia, where use of opioids actually creates more pain and stopping opioids relieves pain. Long term management of chronic pain is most successful with a multidisciplinary approach that addresses the underlying causes of the pain and treats the whole person, mind, body and spirit. Learn about these treatments and find the ones that work best for you.

    Many formerly opioid dependent patients have found strategies that actually work better for them than opioids. Read some of their stories HERE. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Location, he is a pain specialist and a primary. The two together are just easier. He had always been certified to treat patients with suboxone or similar for the last 10yrs also. He suggested it to me. I really really doubted it would help; besides the concerns of being labeled an addict!

    My family and I spent a week discussing it between ourselves and the doctor. As well as research. The opiate works on pain — there just is no euphoria. Which pain patients never received anyway. My left is shrinking faster than ever [nerve damage severe and lumbosacral nerve compressed in hip]; MMJ helps significantly. As most women and doctors understand; the area cannot get constipated either [not my issue but a huge one in maternity wards].

    It IS used because it is slower in and slower out. Which helps the c-section recover the worst 72hrs. But an overdose still requires the naloxone epipen; as that is a HIGH dose of naloxone and intramuscular delivery with a trip to the ER. Please know that suboxone can throw one into horrid rapid withdrawal. I attempted an inpatient conversion from my long acting and short acting opioid meds to suboxone.

    I was off all meds for 20 hrs but still had quite a bit of the long acting opioid metabolites on board. My legs started going crazy and jerking uncontrollably and I had horrid spams all over. I spent 5 hrs walking around my hospital room crying and praying and kicking my heels against the ground as hard as I could trying to get rid of the awful sensation in my legs.

    It was the worst torture of my life — and these Healthcare specialists were suppose to know how to stave off withdrawal symptoms! But I was able to stay still long enough for them to put an IV on me and get Xanax on board to knock me out. I was told my legs continued to jerk for a bit even after I was asleep.

    When I left the hospital, I was black and blue, and the wounds on my feet from kicking them on the ground are still healing 5 weeks later. I hope no one ever goes thru what I had to endure. Thank you for your article Terry. Withdrawal is the worry of some of us. A person could walk up stairs and have a heart attack. Our medical system has been set back years in terms of treatment. Now the only thing you go to the hospital for is diagnosis and to die not treatment.

    After 5 years of the monthly threat of having our medicine taken away they finally are. The emotional disintegration alone has been devastating. Loss of any kind of quality life and now finally life itself. I would be interested to know what other severe pain patients are trying. Has anyone had success with the Medtronic stimulator? Any other realistic alternatives? I would take exception to the emphasis that withdrawal is not life threatening. If a person is generally in decent health and able to avoid getting severely dehydrated the statement is true, but many pain patients ARE NOT in good general health.

    Patients with cardiovascular or renal problems are at higher risk as are patients with adrenal disorders. This is often the cause of withdrawal deaths that occur in correctional settings. It is likely to occur more often as patients become increasingly fearful of seeking treatment from their local ER.

    Thank God I found Kratom before the withdrawal process started. Hypertension combined with the added stress of withdrawal can creat a vary dangerous life treating situation.

    It is irresponsible not to mention such dangers in this article. Opioid withdrawal alone may not be deadly but combined with certain cardiovascular diseases it can be deadly! This is very valuable information, I have been through it and I wish I had read this a year ago. To fill the script the first time when my family doctor was dismissed from writing my pain prescriptions. After that I never saw 80 mgs of oxycontin. I had been taking it under the care of my family doctor for about 12 years and it worked wonderfully for my neurogenic intractable pain.

    I also had a neuro-stimulator implanted 12 years ago to aid the medication and was able to stay at 80 mg. The other months, the insurance Co wanted me to take Xtampza instead of oxy but refused to give it to me without prior authorization.??? My pain doctor is afraid to write it for anything more than CDC recommendation.

    I am a head to toe pain patient with so many illnesses that there is no cure but cause excruciating pain. I did several experiments with the different scenarios of taking my multivitamin at different times of the day including right before bed and had the same results each time.

    Just one more fact that I researched and brought to the attention with my PM doc and he confirmed my findings that, indeed, multivitamins will interfere with the way Opioids work for pain relief and advised I stop taking them. I asked my PCP as well and she told me that multivitamins some do can be more harmful and that even she stopped taking them because new studies have come out stating the same.

    Thank you for all of the information, very informative. I just started therapy with a pain management psychologist, the first two sessions were general questions and I had to fill out a questionnaire with questions, I was to pick from five choices for each question ranging from not true to always true and everything in between, the questionnaire is sent to a third party who send the report to your therapist and then she goes over the conclusions with you.

    I will keep you all informed as to my progress, if it helps or not. It took ten years to ramp up my pain meds to the point where my life was fulfilled, I participated, I was outgoing, I did yard work, I did my art work, in other words I was participating in my life, now I get just enough pain meds so I can at least move around but any extra caricular activities puts me on my butt for three days. I feel that my new pain management psychologist is going to help me immensely!!!

    Feel good everyone and keep up the good fight. God bless you all. Especially if they are titrated down too rapidly or discontinued without any titration. For patients with complex medical histories with comorbitites like heart disease and seizure disorder the risks of death due to Withdrawal increase.

    I have IC also, and I know what you are going through. What happened to our courageous Doctor Mark Ibsen? His door was flattened by the dea,fda,cdc while he was in Montana testifying for the defense.

    The government is getting aggressive with good people. I cannot locate the article on national pain report but saw the heading. Some information is on the net and you tube. Both are top doctors and Tennant or Tenant has been possibly shut down in an attempt to intimidate other good doctors. He is an expert on centralized pain and withdrawal without an antagonist. Neurontin is amazing when it comes to going through withdrawal or making the switch to suboxone….

    To Jeanne, doctors do make patients prove they have pains by having patience bring in their MRIS , x-rays and other tests needed, to prove we pain patients indeed are in pain. I have taken opiate drugs for over 25 years for health problems that doctors cause me when having surgical procedures done. I know a lot of people who abused alcohol.

    I know a lot of people who have died by drinking too much alcohol. I know a lot of people who have died smoking tobacco also I have known a lot of people who have died from secondhand smoke. Although the government will not take alcohol and tobacco off the shelf the government gets too much money from the tobacco company and alcohol company.

    It is called cruel and unusual punishment not to be able to take advantage of a prescription that takes pain away. Now marijuana is legal and they used to say marijuana was the first step towards taking heroin. So what is it? I am on able to take marijuana for pain. I only take 30 mms daily and soon will not even be able to get that even though my state that I live in has a cap of 90 MMS daily. However doctors are too afraid of losing their license so they are taking everyone off of all pain management medications.

    God help us all. It can and does work with little or no withdrawal. And some go through no withdrawal. One percent of which I was one. My father and mother also had no withdrawal symptoms after prolonged opioid treatment. Amitriptyline withdrawal symptoms are far worse than opioids. Titration is not effective. It takes some people like myself three years to survive the ordeal. Withdrawal symptoms of amitriptyline are so intense, painful and prolonged I thought of death but did not know it could be fatal.

    I advocate tapering from opioids. And my amitriptyline withdrawal not yet ended. A comprehensive medical article about amitriptyline withdrawal was evidently pulled about 2 years ago by the FDA and CDC from Wikipedia.

    It expertly described what I experienced coming off of milligrams over 2 years of titrating down at ten percent per month to zero. I prayed for death.

    Had insomnia, pain, vomiting, hallucinations, mind tripping, feelings of going back in time, and grand mal seizures. Stomach pain and mild sweating was the first symptom at 50mg of titration. Being on amitriptyline caused severe neuropathic pain of my face, skull, skin, migraines and depression. The withdrawal has been the most painful, long-term odyssey of my life. I lost my job and nearly died. Not a day went by for 3 years that amitriptyline craving did not occur.

    It was extremely addictive yet no medical professionals warned me what amitriptyline and other antidepressants can do when taken for a long period.

    It is a pity that any physician would treat a patient in this way. It is irresponsible at the very least. They have the power to do this however and I applaud this writer for caring enough to give these guidelines for anyone in this predicament. One extreme to another, the fentenal is the problem! I use Tylenol 3 2 tabs 3 times a week along with Aieve so I can play golf, now I sit home and get depressed!

    You suggest someone use kratom? I will tell you, my experience was that the withdrawal from kratom was worse than the one I went through when my prescription was denied and I went cold turkey after four years.

    Just to let you all know.. I agree with jill slovacek, below. Severe pain can cause increased blood pressure which can cause a stroke or a heart attack. Pain patients use opiodes yo reduce pain and are not addicted to their meds, BUT, the media and FDA have stated that all patients are addicts, so they stop prescribing their meds and leave them in the state of withdrawal and no further assistance, the people who are not ODing, are the pain patients.

    Next, the abusers are being offered care for their withdrawals with both opiodes and are informed they can continue their anxiety medication as well, if medically necessary. BUT, we have addicts being prescribed medication not only for opiod abuse but also, to help withdrawl. This entire thing is obsured and insane, not one thing makes sense, even allowing drug users to shoot up their illegal drugs, in a gov run facility, but NOT Allowing people suffering from a painful disease ANY medication to help them.?

    That way they have everyone under their thumb. The people that have legitimate pain like myself that has gone to their pain doctor Faithfully for years that have constantly passed every test every pill count jump through every hoop went through everything that causes embarrassment and belittling because you have PAIN!!

    This issue is only coming from the mouths of those who are against it. Those who have no idea about anything when it comes to Medicine. It is time that those of us who suffer in pain it makes them listen to us. This is wrong and we all know it. If my doctor is doing everything he is supposed to do such as giving test Etc and if he has been educated to be a pain doctor why the hell does the government have any business bothering these legitimate tax paying pain suffering people???

    Nurses, Pshychiatrists, confirmed my question read on of 5yr life expectancy from 1 spine reconstruction. They ask how do I live, how am I alive, how do I sleep? Brings tears and fears to my eyes. I wonder if I will survive next 2 to 3 yrs left expectancy of last surgery in Pshychiatrists have said reason survived is my will.

    The laws are killing those wanting life find myself wondering if I never took suboxone, would outcome turned out different. If my back would been found sooner, surgeries avoided all together. For now I sit. Struggle to get around sq ft house. Something so not terrible being kept away from me.

    The 1 thing I tried to be the only thing that helped me move forward along with diazepam, ive tried other anxiety meds. Buspiron, lorazepam only helped sleep. Klonopin helped with sleep. I have to have one that sedates slightly enough for those crushing feelings in my back daily. My life has turned to hell. Yet my spirit is still young at heart. I remember my life before. I mourn for it. Its not my fault. Only soma got threw. Zicam is the the most notable example of this as it actually had an active ingredient that was causing people to permanently lose their sense of smell, zinc gluconate The makers of that specific Zicam product paid out over 12 million dollars in a class action lawsuit in and the specific product was pulled from the market due to FDA intervention.

    NO homeopathic studies have and there is a very good reason for this. Homeopathy will be happy to take your money and will work no better than a placebo.

    Withdrawal from a number of drugs including opiates or opioids can contribute to or cause and number of adverse physiological effect including seizures and death. Withdrawal symptoms can and probably last for FAR longer than a week. In my first forced taper, which happened with no warning in August , after 36 hours I became profoundly nauseated.

    Before I could think of downing Pepto Bismol, much less running to the store to get some, my eyes and nose began watering as saliva pooled in and poured from my mouth. I made it to the bathroom and threw up until there was nothing left in my system.

    Then I began dry-heaving so violently my back and ribs ached for days. Weak and in pain, I crawled into my glass-enclosed shower, sat on the floor, and rinsed off.

    CBD is Successful as a Treatment for Opioid Withdrawal

    One of the key consequences of cannabis withdrawal is anxiety and CBD reduces treatment would therefore be a major benefit to mental and physical health. Those opposed to cannabis often point out that the drug can cause withdrawal symptoms. But is that really true, and if so, how bad can those. Psychological counselling and other types of emotional support can boost . there would be no reason for the withdrawal symptoms to reappear, inducing.

    What is CBD Oil and How Does It Work?



    One of the key consequences of cannabis withdrawal is anxiety and CBD reduces treatment would therefore be a major benefit to mental and physical health.


    Those opposed to cannabis often point out that the drug can cause withdrawal symptoms. But is that really true, and if so, how bad can those.


    Psychological counselling and other types of emotional support can boost . there would be no reason for the withdrawal symptoms to reappear, inducing.


    This is a feasibility study to test the effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD) for alleviating cannabis withdrawal symptoms in a 6 night inpatient detoxification program.


    Learn more about CBD oil and the benefits it may offer you. the body's dopamine receptors is the key to providing relief for the following withdrawal symptoms.


    Physical withdrawal symptoms include: a sick flu-like feeling with runny nose, CBD oil, derived from hemp, is being used by many pain patients to reduce.

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