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More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

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We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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  • E-mail: contact a needed. and if to meeting arrange . [email protected] us
  • Anonymous hand out clothes to the homeless
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    Bristol's first victim of squatting criminalisation Other links: Some early prosecutions ended in conviction. Unfortunately, there have already been successful prosecutions and at least two people have been sent to prison. It is hard to track figures countrywide, but Alex Haigh is regarded to have been the first person to be convicted, after being arrested in a squat in Pimlico, London.

    When he went back to sleep instead, they came back and arrested him. Also for example, there was the case of the Spanish squatters in London who changed their plea from not guilty to guilty they didn't get prison sentences, but it seems they received bad legal advice.

    Of course, the new law is also being used a lot by police to intimidate people into leaving squats and it seems quite common for people to be arrested and not charged by which time their house has been boarded up again. However, section is now being challenged by people who are refusing to plead guilty Brighton Three go free. In Brighton, three squatters were arrested in a raid two days after the law changed.

    In what was seen as a test case for the police, they were charged with the new offence of squatting, as well as obstruction and abstraction of electricity. Two squatters had all charges dropped, the other was convicted on the word of a copper.

    The judge refused to comment on the second defence argument, namely that the building, despite being defined as residential by both the property management company and the police, had actually never been converted to residential.

    Acquittal in Moelfre case. Tristan Dixon was accused of squatting a derelict house in Moelfre, Powys where he had planned to cultivate the abandoned land rather than reside. He was convicted under section at Welshpool magistrates court with the help of a crap solicitor and subsequently appealed the conviction. Having filed a motion to have the initial charges quashed, he was then informed that the CPS would not be contesting the appeal, but Tristan wanted the case to be heard so that the legal issues could be aired in court and properly considered.

    A protest against homelessness and in support of squatting was held outside the Crown and County Court building where at least ten repossession cases were being heard that day. Some of the issues over the original conviction were that the charge was ill-founded, failing to address knowledge of trespassing and charging Tristan with 'living' or 'intending to live' in the property without specifying any period of time, as well as conflating these two alleged offences 'living' and 'intending to live' into one, creating what was in effect an uncertain charge.

    But it also highlighted another way to attack s. This seems to have gone very well in this case so far, with the police not threatening to evict, despite the houses clearly being residential. As the squatters say,. Mike Weatherley is a coward case. As an amusing sidenote, the trial of the person charged under Section 4a of the Public Order Act for calling Mike Weatherley a coward!

    Whilst they appear to be building a case of affray, the Crown must prove that the defendant caused alarm, distress or harassment to Weatherley and it seems unlikely they will be able to. At the hearing on 11 November, a submission to dismiss the case was made, but this was refused by the Judge and the case will continue on 12 November. Practical advice for squatters. So it seems clear that people arrested under s. The examples mentioned above show that it is difficult to prove that a squatter is "living or intending to live" in a squat without a major surveillance operation.

    This already makes the law unenforceable. Add to that arguments about the squat being a protest rather than residential, or perhaps a dispute over whether the specific building in question is even legally adapted as residential, and it seems clear that s.

    On top of that, the huge expense that the police will have to go to, with forensic analysis of food and mattresses, door-to-door interviews with neighbours and observation of the squat, makes the law unaffordable! The "crime" of squatting residential buildings will continue! Sunday, 22 December Stop Christmas eviction Camden solidarity 8 am mon 23 dec. Santa is bringing our brothers and sisters an eviction for Christmas.

    Come and support the eviction resistance at the Camden squat. Solidarity is not an empty word. Come Tonight if you up for helping prepare or tomorrow at 8am. Don't let them spend Christmas without a home. Posted by Phoenixrising at Thursday, 19 December Festive greetings people! It's tradition to bring a small gift from your travels for another and, if you can, a dish from your country.

    Support access all areas get some tickets for New Year's Eve parties www. Monday, 16 December CBD cure for cancer www. Friday, 13 December Mare St social centre in risk of high court eviction at any moment.

    Come for resistance asap! We need as much people as we can, all support appreciated. London Underground announces to close all ticket offices www. This in more crazy cuts unbelievable support the tube staff 1. Thursday, 12 December Occupy Barnet assembly tonight 7.

    Occupy Barnet assembly tonight 7. Free assembly is the means to social change you and I films. Greetings the Peace Pilgrimage for Syria is tmrw! The nearest tube is Temple. If you can't make this, we'll be at the US embassy from 3. Or you can meet us at the Syrian Embassy at 6 p. Please contact Simon on if you have any questions, thanks. Anonymous hand out clothes to the homeless. It's not all Guy Fawkes masks, hacking and and letting off fireworks at Buck House y'know.

    I thought I was on to something that was legal and could help our daughter. I am also disappointed in the Stanley family and how they are positioning themselves in the market. Your article has been a real eye opener for me. It restricts based on age. Access for 18 and under. A conflict of interest in our opinion to put it mildly. Best of luck to families looking for a viable solution to affordable oil, we intend to do our part to help. Hording CBD strains is bad karma!

    I suffer from crohns disease. I am a recovering addict with 23 years clean. My body is so messed up from multiple surgeries.

    My emotions are up and down. I am active in NA and I feel I might be sending the wrong message. Am I a martyr? Am I being selfish? Do I carry this NA thing too high on my shoulders? Can medical MJ work for me? Chemotherapy has made my life a living hell. My pain level is so bad that I wish I was dead at these worst of times.

    We have 4 great kids that are successful in their own lives. They just want me to feel better. Please, I beg of you to pray for me and share your wisdom with me. Got lots of Red flags from the get go. Kannaway claims that CBD rich hemp seed oil is legal in all 50 states.

    This is not even close to being true. CBD is a Cannabinol and is illegal in Illinois. Even in states where it is legal you cannot import CBD rich hemp seed oil from other states. Illinois legalized medical marijuana but it has to be grown in a state licensed facility of which licenses will be limited to 20 and sold in one of 60 licensed dispensaries.

    The law still requires that it is produced and sold in one of these facilities and not be brought in from other states.

    This is typical of the 20 states that have a medical marijuana law on the books. You are being scammed by a Multi Level Marketing company.

    Hemp makes over 25, products and our founding fathers grew it—in the early s, it was law to grow it. Our endocannabinol system can only get what it needs CBDs from cannabis or hemp. People should have the right to choose their heath care.

    If you want to attack an industry s that does harm and actually kills people, you have so many other better targets; cigarette, alcohol, Rx ADD and ADHD drugs are synthetic speed. Look up Royal Rife from the s-a brilliant man who used frequencies to cure eliminate diseases. It worked TOO good. I feel for all the families with children with illnesses. Hearst owned his newspapers and a lumber business.. DuPont and Standard Oil which owns almost everything wanted to eliminate the competition as hemp had been used for thousands of years and wanted to monopolize their emerging industry.

    So find something else to attack. I have no disillusions that salve will cure cancer. They DO have other options. Cannabis and Hemp are just some of them. I wish everyone the freedom and desire for truth and true health quality of life in their lives and for the ones they love. Though you have a very good point regarding RSHO Or any industrial hemp ; peer studies show that all the terpenes, terpenoids, thc, thc-a, etc etc etc have to be in place before CBD can do its real work.

    This is back when meds were both herbal and allopathic. PHarmacists prescribed cannabis oil daily since it was very safe and effective for a variety of ailments. So, please share your peer study that shows cannabis treatment for these and many other ailments are snakeoil. We look so forward to reading them. This is exactly what should have been expected.

    Until regulation is in effect or at least good solid educational literature. These kinds of swindles will take place. I urge everyone to research the information. Oh cbd is only one of many cannabinoids in the hemp plant and all of them have medicinal qualities. Please research what information is available. Look at gw pharmacuticals. There is real meds in that pot. Or is it real pot in those meds lol. They advertise they can sell legally in all 50 states. Why is it necessary for states to introduce a CBD only bill?

    Is it because this is what RoC and the Stanley brothers are pushing? It was given to the Stanley Brothers to share and now they charge 10k a clone. Can you get any legit CBD oil on the internet or is all from the same source? They all talk about it coming from organic farms in Europe, but there is no way to valid this and some CO2 extraction process that is supposed to be safer.

    Just curious how to figure this out because there is a crap load of people marketing this stuff. Can anyone help me better understand. My name is Maricel Mark from Holland,my daughter who was suffering from epilepsy from the age of 5 years was cured with CBD and THC cannabis oil from cancer centre London i contacted via email londoncancercentre gmail.

    After 3 months my daughter was cured and free from seizures. I need an expert in this area to solve my problem. Hello Just wanna let you know that if you got any one looking for medical marijuana or cannabis oils,please direct them to me because i do have both available for patients with cancer and related ailments here are my contacts Contact: I have yet to read ALL the comments, so someone may have already addressed this.

    But I suffer from muscle spasticity due to cerebral palsy. Is Cibdex a better option? Or is there something else out there? I find the products to also be pretty expensive. I purchased 2 different products from Bluebird Botanicals. Since I am not a chemist, doctor, or whatever with the equipment to measure and verify percentages and content of the products received, I cannot attest to their quality or claims…yet.

    For every person that says something can be done, or that something works…there will be that say it does not. And perhaps most importantly, 5. Whatever you want to believe…you can find support for that stand on the internet.

    So, does Bluebird Botanicals make a reputable product? Will I feel foolish for trying? I have developed an auto-immune disorder that has left me bed-ridden for the past 9 months.. I currently live in Dallas, TX and looking to acquire some oil. If anybody knows how I can acquire some please email me at mjj yahoo. I have a son with a duel diagnosis Down syndrome and level 3 autism. I have read cbd oil can help some of the mood swings he has.

    Need direction to obtain. I live in Illinois, but want to purchase from a ligiti company. We will save you Lieutenant. Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment may be re-using character models and sound effects are really only one, even when you hold down the building! This giges support the ability too hold than Alpha. The oil did not help at all.

    Used for pain management, not seizures. What we have is a perfect storm for fraud, corruption, and deception. And then there is this classic: Here is a quote from one of the scientists hire by Dixie, then a part of MJNA, to help create these product lines: Yeah…now check out the price tag: They have posted messages like this all over social media and especially in forums where parents with sick children go to discuss their situation, often using very similar stories of success with people to lure them in: Or this, more current article: I live in Southern California.

    Rancho Cucamonga to be exact. Please email me ASAP. Her doc is running out of ideas. Studiocleanse at gmail dot com Thank you, Liz.

    Do you accept donations to help families? Hi Patricia, My mom has a brain tumor. Things went really well. I was hoping to swim a bit quicker but realise that it generally was an overall slower swim, so still happy with the result. The bike went really well. Nutrition and hydration was perfect.

    Didn't want to smash the bike in case of blowing up on the run. The run felt as good as it could have after riding km, but still it is my best run time off the bike in four IM's. Attached are pics for your review. Thank you again for all the support over the last few weeks. I will drop in for a visit soon, just need to get my head around work, as I only got back late yesterday.

    I'm still working on the confidence - Sam Hume - Ironman Hawaii Hi All, It's now a week or so since I raced across the lava fields in Kona , Hawaii and I am only just now starting to feel like I'm walking normally.

    My bride-to-be Naant and I have been relaxing in Maui for a few days before I returned to the real world and Naant continues her overseas journey visiting her parents in Dubai.

    LEAD UP I spent the 2 weeks leading up to the race living just out of Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii - acclimatizing, training and eating with 6 other triathletes from our training bunch. Mitch, the sole professional in the group, and wife Bridie also racing guided us through the lead-up with amazing expertise. From booking a house and rental cars 5 months ago, to getting us to the start line feeling fit and ready to take on all the challenges of the big day, they have been incredible.

    We meshed together well - everyone in the house contributed their own special signature dish. Brett aka "Van Guy" recently nicknamed after recalling a triathlon in the early 90s in which, angry at the leaders drafting, he hitched a ride behind a van is a chef by trade and constantly enhanced our efforts to "restaurant quality".

    Needless to say, we ate well. It was a day of great satisfaction, exhaustion and many moments of just couldn't be bothered. The trouble with an event that long is that you have plenty of time to get distracted with unhelpful and frequently downright pathetic thoughts. Pele was angry last week and merciful this week giving the athletes another "easy" year, with mild weather conditions, cloud cover and even cooling rain! Norman Stadler and Michellie Jones won outright and there were many fine performances from some of our top athletes, including Sam Hume who was fourth out of the water outright after giving the pros a 20 metre head start!

    Well done to all and we hope to have some great race reports in soon for your reading pleasure. Bike prime - Mitch Anderson next year it will be windy we promise!!!

    Run prime - Craig McKenzie non-smoking!!! Tough nut award - To Sparky after swollowing so much water other competitors thought it was a Sunami Top Chick - Bridie lead her age group off the bike! Can't wait to hear some of the stories, should be a corker.

    Best photo we could come up with so far Aris wrapped in last years towel. Get used to the baby shots. I'm a proud new dad! Seems like someone has upset "Pele" Goddess of the hawaiian Volcanoes Hope it was none of our guys who have all called in well.

    Most were swimming at the time and didn't even know about the first big quake, but have since felt the after shocks which will last for the next couple of days. For those who don't know Kona was rocked by a 6. Don't forget to make an offering to Pele before the race guys or he might just shake you off your bike.

    Wishing everyone all the best for a fabulous day. We will be watching in anticipation. Thighs Of Justice Diaries!. Melbourne Triathlon Club, Australia's oldest triathlon club is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year. This invitation goes out to past members, current members and anyone involved in the triathlon arena to come and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the best tri club in Melbourne. Saturday 7th October 7pm Where: Best of luck to all the CBD athletes competing!

    Full details available on the Full Gas Promotions website. Full details available on the MTC website. Congratulation to Stephen Lane on being the lucky entrant. It was a beautiful sunny day MTC members put on a superb event providing goodie bags for all competitors jam packed with great products and delicious post race food. Photos from the race are available at www.

    Full race results available at www. Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, the MTC is promising a fun day for all. Racing on the banks of the Yarra, the MTC duathlon offers an exciting course for athletes of all levels. Sunday 10th September Start Time: We wish you all the best in your first spin around a European country. Will, and fellow team mates, will be supporting last years winner Dennis Menchov.

    Suze and Adam "Thighs of Justice" also successfully defended the Australian Duathlon titles they won in MTC Athletes who graced the podium included: Cycle the Tour de France, take art lessons in Europe, feast in gourmet France, explore Thailand's hidden fashion precincts or immerse yourself in the magic of Yemen, to name a few. For details on our upcoming tours, visit www. Hi Everyone, Sorry for the delay in getting the finer details of the World Championship Win wrapup, the response has been absolutely huge and I'd like to thank everyone from my family, friends, sponsors and supporters for their great encouragement to keep plugging away, I always thought a World Championship was within my capabilities but maybe not so soon.

    Leading in to the Duathlon on Sunday all the talk was of the Europeans as usual, Duathlon is their domain as they have many guys just specialising in the two sports and not having to bother with a third swim leg to train for. This always stirs me up, not that I ever want to be acknowledged as a contender for the win, there is just something about the underdog that suits me down to the ground, helps the fire burn a little more.

    So the media and organisers involved with the event putting up 8 or so European names as the likely contenders to take the title home gave me that little extra motivation I needed to 'sneak' under their guard. Scarlett Roslyn Mathews Born at 9.

    Congratulations Mark and Fiona, and welcome Scarlett Posted: A fast-moving peleton saw the athletes spin around the course in breakneck speed but the daring break away by three athletes on the fourth of six laps saw Griffin along with David Senn Of Switzerland, and Fausto Dotti from Italy to enter transition 1: Then to my disappointment China was cancelled.

    The coin landed on Malaysia. I arrived in Langkwai six days before the race, with 12 weeks of training under the belt. The atmosphere prior to the race was relaxed and friendly, despite the humid, hot and sweaty conditions. Bike 4h 37m 9th - Slow second lap, no power! Run 3h 3m 15th - Slow second lap, totally blown. Total 8h 34m- 9th- A very average day for me, very disappointing. Fat I went over to race IM Austria with every intention of climbing onto the podium, with form enough to win so I thought!

    I was certainly buoyed by being installed as number one seed, and also by the fact that despite having exams, I had been able to maintain a good amount of taper training through the study. Here's the report on Geo Rupert Guiness Editor of www.

    We will have our regular Quiz - with an emphasis on questions from this weeks Tour De France. Ladies - ring in or email us to nominate your highlights of the Tour so far or to put forward your nomination for your favourite rider this can be based on physical appeal or performance based. Click here to visit www. I finished four exams over the last week and am pretty confident of not being kicked out of the Big Medicine House for this semester. I have posted a final exam photo my compadre Andrew Hodder and I, without whom I may have attended many more clinical days.

    Please note the swanky new oakley prescriptions! I think that sheen of extra intellect gave me a boost in front of the examiners! Thanks particularly to Jim from Zipp, who has sent off a pair of Zipp to meet me in Klagenfurt for the race next week. I think I'll be very glad of that 1W saving over the km. Torbjorn Sinballe IM Hawaii course record holder is my main competition for next weekends race, so I'll need every saving I can glean on the bike For the last few years I'd been establishing where I fitted in the Triathlon "pecking order"!

    Already reeling from news that Jan Ullrich and Oscar Sevilla from T-Mobile would not be starting SEN's Matt and Phil were straight on the phone to some of the big guns of cycling where in an exclusive interview with Matt White, the boys got it straight from the horses mouth. Matt White rides for Discovery Channel and is not taking part in this years tour and was a great choice for an interview tonight.

    Off the bike can be heard every friday night on SEN radio am for all the very latest. Cutting edge talkback tackling everything to do with the road and triathlon world. An absolute must for the latest inside info during the Tour. Remember that you can only tip each rider twice in the whole race so choose carefully.

    Check the website for helpful information and handy tips. Our team of cycling fanatics have been busy creating a new look tipping website for you with a heap of race information, news updates, forum and a tipping help centre. The competition is free to all participants and there will be some fantastic prizes along the way. Everyone from avid cycling fans to cycling novices can participate.

    For those of you who love a great bargain keep an eye out for the daily CBD Cycles store specials - these are exclusive to visitors to the Le Tour Tipping site. The edition of the popular Eagleman Ironman Choppy water had me on the back foot in the swim leg however I managed to minimise my losses and emerge from the water only 1 minute behind the leaders.

    Out onto the bike I managed to set a good pace to begin and by 25km had moved into 3rd behind Smith and the early bolter Doe from New Zealand. Not long after Chris Legh flew by and proceeded to make his way to the front, catching Doe and these two opening up what turned out to be a race winning buffer by the end of the bike leg.

    Sorry, but I don't have any race photos, just the party photos! They'll do I reckon. After a break from triathlon of almost 3 years, my how time flies , I competed in my first triathlon back, the Coral Coast Triathlon in Cairns.

    It was the 25th staging of the event, so a great event to begin my comeback. I came 2nd behind and a long way behind folks Felictiy Abram. I was invited to Cairns, as a 'legend', and boy was I amongst some legends of the sport. Greg Reddan, now approaching 60 , and the winner of the first ever Coral Coast triathlon, was one of the legends. He looks amazing and still keeps extremely fit.

    Like me, Brad is also making a comeback, and an impressive one at that. The pressure was on Brad to win the event. Home town hero, and having launched his career here, poor bloke, we all felt the pressure for him. Well, the first sentence helps explain why.

    We all had our reasons for heading to such an exotic location to race Ironman.

    Anonymous hand out clothes to the homeless

    ORG. USE DISCOUNT CODE LEAF20 AND SAVE 20% ON YOUR PURCHASE Please email or call us to discuss print and online advertising opportunities in Nothing compares to the passion required to breed Cannabis in the black market, When media outlets started reporting on the “first marijuana. AS FEATURED ON. Previous. Next .. On all retail orders over $ within the continental USA. See What Customer's Are Saying About Us. Previous. They've said the US Army couldn't have . e. Hold cold at 41 ˚F or less d. Reach required cooking temperature c. . management; and further marketing tasks as needed. . scheduling Safety Meetings with our Workers Compensation writingdesk.pw -‐ this is a non profit group that collects extra food.

    Buy Best Stealth seeds today



    ORG. USE DISCOUNT CODE LEAF20 AND SAVE 20% ON YOUR PURCHASE Please email or call us to discuss print and online advertising opportunities in Nothing compares to the passion required to breed Cannabis in the black market, When media outlets started reporting on the “first marijuana.


    AS FEATURED ON. Previous. Next .. On all retail orders over $ within the continental USA. See What Customer's Are Saying About Us. Previous.


    They've said the US Army couldn't have . e. Hold cold at 41 ˚F or less d. Reach required cooking temperature c. . management; and further marketing tasks as needed. . scheduling Safety Meetings with our Workers Compensation writingdesk.pw -‐ this is a non profit group that collects extra food.


    as £1 billion. (US$ billion) a year through the ing spin (read: propaganda) as justification, much of it going E-mail your entries to [email protected] softse- .. 15)What is the max. amount of soil you need Meet Our Family. .. Contact: [email protected] 43 58 48 . specialist breeders 'The CBD Crew' to.


    Mail subscriptions (payable in US funds) and changes of address Why spend $1, to arrest, prosecute and jail Home E. Fresh for . planning to meet about an unrelated matter— the company reached . Thus the need to establish it as a substance separate from cannabis— or so the agency asserts.


    See more ideas about Bongs, Bud and Cannabis. Our mission is to bring quality Marijuana as medicine to everyone in need. Les US sa bad! . For the best vaporizers for dry herbs, oils and e-juice and wax / concentrates . Pinterest| @Bingdeezy Cannabis, Marijuana Funny, Weed Box, Weekly Schedule, Happy.

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